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Access, security and comments
This data is for restricted use. You will need a user name and password to obtain the map and location files. You can obtain a user account and password by contacting Alton King at alton@pepairmaps.ca.

If you are accessing the maps on a computer which is not private, be sure to quit the browser as soon as you are done. This will log you out of the site and the browser will forget your password.

Please address any comments, concerns or errors to:
Alton King at alton@pepairmaps.ca

PEP Air maps
Three formats are currently available:
GeoPDF: These are vector files of about 5–11 MB each. These maps can be viewed or printed in Adobe Reader on a desktop or laptop computer and can be loaded into Avenza PDF Maps on the iPad. To find out how to do that see this link:

Ozi .map: These files are georeferenced and designed for use in OziExplorer.
New: Both single map sheets and composite maps, each made up of several of our new map sheets, are available.

ForeFlight .mbtiles maps: These are composite maps, each made up of several of our new map sheets. These are designed to be used in ForeFlight and are composited because ForeFlight can only display one custom map at a time. A discussion of how to load the maps into ForeFlight is on this page.

Damage Assessment location data
The data file containing coordinates for the locations of BC dams is available in 3 formats: geojsn, KML and GPX. A discussion of how to load the data into ForeFlight is on the Damage Data page.

To access maps click the button for the appropriate format below

For vector GeoPDF maps:

For OziExplorer .map files:
OZI .map

For ForeFlight .mbtiles files:
OZI .map

Printable PDF copies of the index map and legend are downloadable:
Index map (letter size) is here.
Legend (legal size) is here.

To obtain location data for Damage Assessment surveys:

Damage assessment data

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